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OH2 HPP The HPP pumps are designed and manufactured according to API 610, 11th edition and are suitable for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry. Designed to run at
  • hpp
OH2 PEP Radially split single stage centrifugal pumps having constructive features identical to the HPP line, with the exception of the open impeller. The specific construction allows the pump to run with no back-flow, with a totally stable curve and with ve
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VS4 V-PEP The pumps belonging to the V-PEP series are API 610 compliant vertically suspended, single casing volute, line shaft driven VS4 type centrifugal sump pumps suitable for small capacity and medium to high head, ranging from less than 1 up to 35 m³
  • V-PEP
VS2-VS7 C2KV C2KV and C2KV-N pumps are double suction twin volute vertical wet pit pumps specifically designed for oil pipelines and petro-chemical applications. They are designed according to API 610, latest edition norms. Thanks to their specific construction,
  • C2KV
VS1-VS6 HPVT HPVT are vertically-suspended, multi-stage centrifugal pumps designed and built in full accordance with API 610 norms.
Available either in VS1 or VS6 configurations, depending on the characteristics of the pumped liquid and given conditions of
  • HPVT
VS4 HPV API 610 vertically suspended, single casing volute, line shaft driven VS4 type, sump pump. Single piece shaft in standard construction. Line bearings available in different materials, depending on pumped fluid an operating conditions. Either oil or g
  • HPV
BB3 HPM HPM process pumps are two-stage, axially split, volute type pumps with single or double suction 1st stage impeller, fully designed according to latest edition of API 610 Std. Casing is axially split; suction and discharge nozzles are integrally cast
  • HPM
BB2 HPD - HPE - HPE-DS Single and two stage between bearing process pumps designed and manufactured according to API 610, 11th ed.
HPD are single stage double suction radially split casing pumps.
HPE are two stage pumps with either single or double suction fir
  • HPD - HPE - HPE-DS
VS1-VS6 CKVN CKVN - CKVN-B are vertically-suspended, single or multi-stage centrifugal pumps (VS1 or VS6 configuration), designed and built in full accordance with API 610 norms. Bowls are integrally cast diffuser type to assure optimum hydraulic efficiency and m
  • CKVN
OH3 L-BPEP The L-BPEP is a two stages overhung pump using two  low flow design impellers in back to back configuration  enclosed in a radially split. 
Nozzle arrangement available in several configurations.
The L-BPEP meets API 610 11
  • L-BPEP
OH3 L-PEP L-PEP centrifugal process pumps are single stage overhung radially split casing (OH3 configuration) pumps,  specifically conceived and designed for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry,  in order to complete
  • L-PEP
BB1 C2PO C2PO heavy duty process pumps are horizontal, between bearings with a axially split casing, double suction, one stage impeller. The specific pump construction allows to achieve very high efficiency with low NPSHr values. Robust casing, stiff shaft de
  • C2PO
OH1 HC Radially split centrifugal pumps with close impeller complying with ISO 2858/DIN 24256/ISO 5199 Norms. A sturdy and deep stuffing box allows to fit single or double, either conventional or cartridge design mechanical seals. Upon request, they can be
  • HC

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