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DOUBLE STAGE CDS - NP Two stage liquid ring vacuum pumps series CDS and NP suitable for deep vacuum applications. CDS is a compact line designed to minimize the floor space requirements by offering short and integrated bearing brackets in combination with the motor suppor
  • CDS - NP
SINGLE STAGE DEX The DEX line is the extension of the FindeR LEX/MEX series. DEX pumps are designed to handle bigger inlet capacities. The impeller construction is “in between bearing” and the gas streams are collected from both pump ends through common i
  • DEX
SINGLE STAGE LEX - MEX LEX/MEX are two different versions of the same pump. LEX pumps are fitted with a special supporting bracket which connects the pump to the electric motor. The flanged end of the bracket allows the connection to any IEC motor in B5 construction or, wh
  • LEX - MEX
SINGLE STAGE VPM VPM series are monoblok type which means that the pump is fixed straight to the motor flange and the pump impeller fitted directly on the motor shaft. This version makes the pump extremely compact suitable to be installed on OEM equipment. Motor opti
  • VPM

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